• "MV-ONE PLUS helped my patient immediately. She has less inflammation and and pain”.
    -- Amy W. Dietitian, Clinton Township M
  • “Our doctor has a large number of patients on MV-ONE PLUS and it is really helping”.
    -- Betsy W. Dietitian, Denver CO.
  • “I’ve seen anecdotal increases in Hb and a decrease in EPO which I believe is due to decreased inflammatory stress”.
    -- Nephrologist, Lakewood CO
  • “We are having some success treating muscle cramps with your product”.
    -- Jean J. Dietitian, Miami Florida.

NEPHRIAN Inc., makers of MV-ONE PLUS is a privately owned company, founded by a team of renal health care professionals and executives, with the goal of developing multivitamin antioxidant nutraceuticals specifically for people affected by chronic kidney disease or who are on dialysis. Each product has been specially designed based on the evaluation of the most recent clinical evidence and supporting data from a network of academic and research institutions. MV-ONE is the first of these multivitamin antioxidant nutraceutical to be launched.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. All vitamins should be taken under the supervision of a medical professional specializing in the care of patients with renal failure. Consult your physician before starting any supportive multivitamin antioxidant nutraceutical.

Quality Manufacturing and Regulatory Compliance MV-ONE is manufactured by Multivitamin Direct, a US based manufacturer of nutritional supplements. It is a fully compliant GMP ("A" rating) manufacturing and packaging company, which is regularly inspected by Federal and State inspectors. Compliant with the dietary supplements Health and Education Act of 1994.